SouthEnd Hot Taco


Are you a fan of tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, or let’s just say Mexican food in general? *raise your hand* If you are, great, this is a new place you could go try out if you are around the area. If not, hey, it’s time to give it a try because this place has a pretty friendly menu of everything. Surely you’ll find something you’d want to have a bite even if it’s a one time thing! (because I don’t think you’ll regret ;))

As you all know there was kind of a bad snow storm last Friday. After caving all day working remote and get some chores and kitchen stuff done, figured I should still bundle up to snap some photos to record the first ever east coast snow storm I experienced in my life! Originally I wasn’t planning on eating out, but since I was going out to take some photos, might as well right? The cool thing about living at SouthEnd is there are actually a lot of restaurant options to try, and they are all in walking distance (because honestly, why would you want to risk and drive in ice rain and snow?!)

I like Mexican food, but the same time I have to admit I am a picky Mexican food eater because I don’t like beans, crispy tacos, and a long list of other things. Before deciding on trying Hot Taco, I did what I do best (thank you internet & yelp!) – checked the website and menu before making my final decision!

Hot Taco is on the way to Futobuta, the ramen restaurant I’ve shared in one of my previous posts. It’s a pretty spacious restaurant. Upon entering there’s a nice sitting area to hang out, chill, wait, or grab a drink with vivid color wall paint and pretty sparkly sombreros.


The dining area is separated into 2 parts, the bar area, and the main dining area with tables, large party booths, and regular booths. Again, I think it’s a super spacious restaurant where people can properly enjoy the meal without feeling over-crowded, and can genuinely have a nice conversation while munching the deliciousness.


Came Friday night when it was cold, snowing, and ice raining. Hot Taco was still popular on a day like that though, took me awhile to get a photo with not too many people in it 😛 Took a little longer than usual to be seated as the manager told us they were short on 11 staffs that evening due to the weather condition. Didn’t bother too much since it’s a night meant to be relaxing and slow. I forgot to take a photo of the menu, but there were a ton of options, and what I love the most was the availability to mix and match! There’s a ‘combo’ section where you can go with your choice of 1 taco + quesadillas, 2 tacos + enchilada, etc. While deciding on what to eat, staff brought out nicely fried chips and salsa as free appetizer. I personally thought the chips were too salty for my taste, but I could see a lot of people enjoying them with a bottle of corona beer.


Fun & vibrant Mexican style decorations seen throughout the store. The open kitchen is a nice touch for customers to see the chefs prepare our meals.


More decorations close to my table. Couldn’t really see the chandelier in this photo, but it reminds me of Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. In a sense, I think this is a restaurant that not only offers food, but also something for your eyes to see and explore while eating (that is, if you are kind of a curious like me who get distracted easily by surroundings!)


First time here I went with the combo meal – 1 soft taco (chicken) + quesadillas (chicken) with complimentary red rice. Bowl of beans was complimentary too – but I don’t like beans so I just told them not to serve… why waste food right?

Generous portion. I did not expect a combo for $9 would come with so much food! Everything tasted great, perfect temperature, delicious and juicy chicken, even the red rice was pretty good too. It’s the first real meal for me of the day so I managed to finished everything on my plate (oops!)

Overall it was a fine dining experience at Hot Taco. Extra applauses to the staffs that evening. They were so nice, so polite, and so apologetic. Not just the manager, but all the staffs who worked that evening would come to the table to apologize for slower service due to short on staffs, etc. It is so rare nowadays to find a restaurant full of nice staffs really caring about their job! I mean, I would come back just for the service. Extra awesome the food actually great 🙂

Good price, good food, good atmosphere. What are you waiting for? Join us next time for delicious Mexican food here at SouthEnd!

Restaurant Info

Hot Taco

200 East Bland Street
Charlotte, NC 28203

Phone: (704) 333-8226 (TACO)

nom nom nom,



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