world covered in snowy white blanket


Woke up like this – Friday morning view from my patio window. A world covered in snowy white blanket. Welcome to the world of Frozen.

It’s a warm winter, they said.

With winter storm Jonas hitting many states in the US and SNOW in Taiwan (a tropical island!), I think it is safe to say it is not a warm winter, but rather, a slow and delayed winter this year.

Thursday was the day I found out the storm might be hitting us at work. I was worried, since I have never experienced a snow storm in my life, not to mention the state of North Carolina actually declared state of emergency for this matter… Some were saying the possibility of power outage, ice rain, flurries, heavy snow, etc., etc., etc.

I am not a huge fan of snow, and to be honest have been worried about snow because I have never driven in snow before, and have seriously considered if it does snow, I will walk to work because better safe than sorry (or worry in this case). I’ve seen snowflakes on weather forecast for couple of times the past weeks, but luckily the weather god decided to listen to my prayers and nothing happened. This time, I know there’s no way I can escape the snow storm because it for sure, 100% will happen. Per experienced colleagues’ recommendations, I left work a little early on Thursday to supermarket to get some essentials like milk, bread, candles, etc. I guess everyone’s prepared for the worst, because it was my first time going to the supermarket having trouble finding a parking spot.

Nothing happened Thursday evening, but by the time I woke up early Friday morning everything’s covered in snow. Ice rain was also something that occurred throughout the day.


Early morning view outside my apartment complex. Foot prints, animal prints, and someone walking a dog in cold. Winter scenery.

Since we had the option to work remote on Friday. I obviously did work from home, and tried to avoid the outside world of craziness until evening. Bundled up, I decided I should at least go out for a little bit to snap some photos, and also had dinner a few blocks away with A. for Mexican food (foodie review coming up!).


Another shot outside the apartment. Late winter… officially here.

It was actually not that bad walking out, not much different compared to walking in snow in Tokyo. Though I felt it was chillier cuz of the strong wind. So thankful my apartment is fairly close to everything – it would not be fun (or safe) to drive in this condition. Yay for indoor parking!


Saturday view – everything’s fine by midnight Friday / Saturday morning. Sunshine helped a lot. Major roads cleared to drive. I still prefer just cold winter minus the snow, but the view was beautiful without a doubt.

Have you experienced winter storm / snow storm before? What are some of your winter / cold weather essentials? Thankfully I had some experience before living in Japan, so I did not have much trouble keeping myself warm (smart warm) this time.

Below are some of the things I find super super helpful to make it through this kind of situation:

  • heater – yes, it is expensive, but necessary to turn it on especially to prevent frozen pipes
  • Uggs – absolutely necessary to keep feet warm, and safe & easy to walk outdoor
  • umbrella – snow or ice rain, an umbrella is super helpful to protect you… like a shield!
  • ear muff / beanie – important to keep ears warm
  • gloves – MUST keep hands warm, even better to have the technology gloves so you can have no issue using your mobile 😉
  • down jacket – necessary to invest in a nice down jacket, men or women… down jacket is SO convenient
  • scarf – stats shows that when your neck is warm you feel less cold… cashmere is definitely the best in my opinion
  • hot tea / hot water / hot brown sugar ginger tea – just anything nice and warm please
  • cozy blanket – I am huge fan of blanket and I find it absolutely essential to snuggle at home. my friend got me a Uniqlo heat tech blanket (unfortunately only sold in Asia), it is SUPER awesome 😀

What’s your winter favorites? What’s your winter essentials to beat the cold? Any tips to share? This is not a very normal winter for sure, new low temperature, snow at lots of unexpected countries and areas >_< Everyone, please bundle up, stay safe and warm!!!

can’t wait for warmer weather, are you with me?

k. xxx


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