baby, it’s cold outside


I forget who, but before moving to the Queen city someone once told me “oh, don’t worry about the weather, you’ve lived in Tokyo before, it’s basically the same!” Well, I guess I most’ve taken the person’s comment too seriously, or I was too confident to make myself believe that it’s probably going to be just like Tokyo.


See the cute puppy’s face? Yup, that’s exactly me for this past 2 weeks. I am pretty sure I’ve experienced similar weather living in Tokyo, but somehow it feels much colder here… Maybe it’s because

  1. I used to live at a student dorm, the space was super small (like a narrow shoe box!)
  2. Heater was much cheaper, room was smaller, I can turn it on whenever and have the room nice and warm shortly
  3. Tokyo is more crowded

I guess it’ll be a question without an answer 😦 Personally, I never really had issue with cold weather because I always prefer cold over hot, winter over summer, but it is the ice and snow that are stressing me out lately. I walked everywhere and used the public transportation when I was in Tokyo, but I drive here… So far the weather has been cooperating, and I just hope it will stay that way, or I will seriously consider walking to work if it unfortunately snows or get icy 😦 Better safe than sorry? Considering I’ve never driven in this type of situation before.

Are you the type of person who’s hands and feet get super cold easily in the winter? *raise your hand* Are you the type of person who would cough like a monster if set the heater on for the entire night for zzz? *raise your hand* I’ve always had these issues. They are minor, but somehow got worse this year. Sometimes I’d even have to put my gloves at home to keep my hands warm, or a full cup of hot water beside my bed to keep moisture. That being said, I thought I’d share a helpful little list of my winter essentials to keep myself warm and cozy at home (when heater is pricey and can’t just have it on 24/7):

  • ginger shiitake chicken soup
  • hot water with lemon
  • hot tea – Japanese green tea, jasmine green tea, lemon & ginger tea, etc.
  • hot cocoa (occasional guilty pleasure)
  • hot matcha latte
  • blankets – bundle up with them blankets!
  • comfy & fluffy room socks
  • comfy and roomy fleece

What do you do when it gets icy or snowy in winter? Driving tips? Winter favorites? Let’s hear what you have to say and make it through this bad winter… at least bad here on the east coast for first timer me 😛


wintery Wednesday, warm warm hugs ooo


*all images were found on Google images


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