In-N-Out Secret Menu


Five Guys, Shake Shack, a gazillion other burger chains and shops… and there’s the warm yellow arrow bright red In-N-Out.

Growing up in SoCal, aka the Golden State, it’s fairly easy to spot the easily recognized white building with red tiles and red palm trees at neighborhoods. Some may even say when you think of California, you think of In-N-Out, which I tend to agree because not just my overseas family and friends, but also a lot of international travel shows and books have listed In-N-Out as one of the must tries visiting California (though you can also spot it in Las vegas)

I am never a big burger person. I would go occasionally for a cheeseburger, some fries, and maybe a shake, but it’s not something I would always crave. In fact, there were years I’d only go to In-N-Out because our overseas family and friends came to visit and you just can’t let them go home without taking some glorious photos of some-claimed-to-be one of the best burgers in the world eh?

Now that I am on the east coast, whenever I mentioned I am from California, I’d frequently get comments about In-N-Out. Most of them enjoyed In-N-Out, and all of them were amazed when I mentioned there’s a not so secret secret menu available for In-N-Out.

There are lots of posts and articles about the In-N-Out secret menu, so the one I am about to share with you isn’t anything new,  but hopefully, serve as an easy guide for my fellow readers to remember when they have the chance to go to an In-N-Out next time. Be adventurous. You might fall deeply in love with that one of a kind burger you requested 🙂


The Burgers

  • Animal Style – overload of In-N-Out famous sauce, grilled onions, mustard, etc. on your burger
  • 2x Anything – be creative, because the combination is endless. For example, burger with 3 patties and one cheese, one of each, all cheese and one patty, or just plain cheese. You request it, they make it. I used to know people requesting a 6×6 (6 patties & 6 cheese) for lunch :O
  • Flying Dutchman – just patties and cheese. no buns!
  • Toasty Buns – request to fry the buns. ummm crispy and delicious
  • Grilled Cheese – basically cheeseburger minus the burger *vegetarian option
  • Protein Style – lettuces replacing the buns but the rest stays the same
  • Veggie Burger – buns with vegetables in between, and the famous sauce *vegetarian option
  • Cut in Half – very straightforward, perfect for people to share 😉

The Fries

  • Well-Done Fries – usually takes longer to make but the fries would be much crispier than normal In-N-Out fries
  • Light Fries – slightly uncooked potato fries
  • Animal Style – one of the most popular style. like animal style burger, extra famous sauce, cheese, and bacon bits
  • Cheese Fries – gooey cheese covering the delicious fries. if you are a cheese lover this might be your thing

The Drinks

  • Neapolitan Shake – 3 classic In-N-Out milkshake in one: chocolate x strawberry x vanilla
  • Your Own Milkshake – be creative. chocolate x strawberry? chocolate x vanilla? strawberry x vanilla? you request it they’ll make it
  • Root Beer Float – yup, a root beer float. some claim this is the drink to go with the classic burger
  • Tea-Aid – basically Arnold Palmer
  • Lemon-Up – lemonade x 7Up

Now this is the very basic secret menu to get you covered for an insider In-N-Out trip. If you want to see more in-depth reviews and images, feel free to check here, here, or here ! As you can see, the secret menu gets rather serious… I’ve offered the basic guide, but there are the more, ahem, advanced version out there for you to experience as well.

Where’s your goto burger place? Or, what do you usually get from In-N-Out? Anything new you want to try on your next visit?

For me, I stay pretty classic – the cheeseburger minus onion and tomato 😛

Are you ready to stop by In-N-Out now? Because you know if you request it, they’ll probably make it just the way you like it for you… Maybe that’s why In-N-Out is loved by people all around the world!

Wintery Wednesday (21 F = -6 C)

3 hugs, k. ooo

*photos taken by instagrammer klisbeth831


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