5 days not too late – Happy New Year 2016!


Hey y’all, how’s back in reality treating you so far? 😉

I haven’t written as much, or as I should the past weeks. Not that I wasn’t thinking about my blog or topics I could’ve written, but admittedly, I had too much fun spending time with family in the state of sunshine, Christmas, slowly recovering from sickness, and then cried over the New Year.

December was a difficult month for me full of unexpected things. Some good, but mostly bad. I was in a constant struggle eager to find answers and solutions that almost led me to emotional and mental breakdown. Now that the craziness (or the crazy month?) is over, I just want to say “whew, thank god everything’s okay!” Lessons learned are:

1) Don’t ever put myself in the kind of uncontrollable situation for the rest of my life

2) It’s about me, myself, and I.

3) Stay determined, positive, and remember the goals

I am thankful I got to spend sometime with family. Although blame it on my poor planning and my nature to over-think and over-stress, I did not get to spend as much time as I hoped for with them. I guess for the longest time I took the words ‘family’ and ‘together’ for granted. I always had my family close by, I always knew the next time to see everyone. Working faraway makes the situation different now – it’s quite scary not knowing when’s the next time to be with everyone again since everyone’s work schedule is different… Well, all that being said I suppose I just have to (must) plan things better next year… Wait, actually, this year, because it’s already 2016! *gasp*

This year is my first time not being able to do countdown or spend the new year with my family. That was tough for me. Nevertheless, I had an okay new year here in the queen city. Notice the word ‘okay‘? Yup – surprisingly Charlotte did not offer as much as I had hoped for for new year. I did see the fireworks at the park, but most of the events required pre-sold tickets. And when I said events, the ones in uptown Charlotte were mostly rooftop fancy clubs and bars. Then again, I am pretty sure these would be if not the same, but pretty similar options everywhere in the world now to think about it 😛 Fine, I’ll just have to admit I am old school. I like celebrating new year with loved ones, family, and dear friends. Dress up, watch the fireworks, good food. Nothing extremely fancy, but wonderful and peaceful.

2015 is a year full of challenges and changes for me. I’ve really been through a lot this year. Some I regret, some I do not. Life is made up of good things and bad things right? I guess ultimately if there’s more good than bad it is good 🙂

Today is day numero 5 aka #5 of 2016. Going by the trend I am also sharing some goals I’d like to try accomplishing this year, if not, at least remind myself all the time:

  1. save money. shop less. travel more
  2. trips within US / trip to Taipei
  3. regular workout session
  4. do not settle for less. strive to be better
  5. longterm career path development
  6. blog more
  7. learn more recipes
  8. be positive. do not stress (this is going to be DIFFICULT)
  9. not be in Charlotte for new year
  10. stay connected & stay close with family, friends, and loved ones

These aren’t amazing or new goals, but I am still going to try hard!

How about you? How did you celebrate your new year? Do you have any goals you’d like to achieve and share this year?

I wrote my first 2016 post 5 days late, but it’s never too late to start something new, to dream something big, and work hard to make things happen right?

hello and cheers to new year. hope it’ll be a prosperous one full of wonderful surprises to you and to me ❤


concluding the post with one of my favourite things, fireworks!

love, k

*images used were found on Google images


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