there’s a dark cloud above my head


“where there is hope, there is faith, where there is faith, miracles happen…”

This is a very much needed inspirational quote hopefully to help me get through December. 2015 December is a pretty tough one for me, and now it’s becoming more stressful than ever. There’s a saying about how it’s easier to be bright and encouraging when you are not in the situation – and that’s definitely the case for me. There are hundreds, thousands, and if not, millions of positive quotes and testimonies to find confidence and comfort, but I can’t seem to find ‘the’ one that can assure me everything’s going to be okay. I suppose when one is desperate, he or she really is going to be willing to exchange everything for the right answer, and for the sanity of mind, peace of life. Right now, this moment, that’s very much what I need.

I get nervous and stress out pretty easily. Sometimes even for the little things that might seem like nothing to other people. It’s definitely still an on-going process teaching myself to stay positive, slow down, take a deep breath, think nice things, and that everything’s going to be okay. Praying and reciting the heart sutra helps, and I just hope faithful prayers will be answered, wishes will be granted.

Hopefully in about 1 week or 2 when the craziness ends, conclusion reaches, I’ll be able to look back and smile and tell myself “yup, everything’s under control, just believe.”

By that time, I want be able to sit at one of these lovely benches, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea, be very zen, and enjoy everything one more time. As it should be.


Never forget your principles, losing that means losing yourself.

Looking back, the entire 2015 has pretty much been a roller coaster for me. Good and bad. But I am not complaining. Now let’s just hope 2015 will end bright.

confused & struggling k.

*images used in this post are from Google image & instagrammer klisbeth831




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