December – be Merry and Bright!


Happy 1st day of December!

Where did all the time go? Can’t believe it’s already first day of December! The beginning of my favorite month and favorite holiday. Let the count down begins 😉

November was a rather short, but lovely month. I got to see family for a bit, explored around NC on the weekends (a post coming up soon!), celebrated my birthday and Thanksgiving, and also did some damage – the most wonderful November post-Thanksgiving pre-Christmas shopping deals. Did y’all finish your Christmas shopping for family and friends? I sure did thanks to the big discounts.

Somehow there’s a high chance I’d get sick around my Birthday (blame it on the weather?!). That was the case in Japan, and unfortunately, the same thing happened this year. Luckily both times I have A. around to make things better. And this year, A. surprised me with a very pretty gift that tells a story. It would’ve been really sad to celebrate birthday alone being sick. Family also surprised me with a delicious chocolate mousse cake from Dean & Deluca. I must say Dean & Deluca did an amazing job shipping and packing the cake. Everything about the cake was just wonderfully amazing. For those of you who are thinking of surprising or showing love to someone far away for birthday or any other special occasions, Dean & Deluca cakes could be the perfect choice – guaranteed a smile on the receiver’s face and happy tummy 😀

Anyways, back to talking about December… (oh, I also had a nice time spending Thanksgiving with friend’s family as well. That was a great experience. gobble gobble.)

I usually am super excited for December because that means end of the year and I get to start picking and writing Christmas cards to all the people I care and love. Nothing is different this year, but I guess after a nice long Thanksgiving vacation I’ve been feeling extra stressed at work having to take care of gazillion things, and I start to think about family, and what I was doing last year this time in Taipei, old job, old colleagues, friends… and yup, been feeling pretty homesick lately. The rain and business obviously do not help. I suppose sometimes we just can’t get the best of both worlds. I enjoy and love the life, opportunity, and experience I am getting here, but it’s very difficult not to miss Asia where I’ve spent so much time the past few years. It’s too scary to try to start thinking or planning the future this early, but we’ll see how things go. A question I do ask myself often is if I do go back, will I be happy? Or it would still be the same not belonging feeling that I had before? But I should probably stop myself from overthinking things at the moment.

Feeling December will just fly by like last month, so in order to start this magical month properly, I’ve came up with a small list of things I’d like to remind myself to do before end of the year:

  • spend quality time with family in California
  • enjoy life and not worry so much all.the.time
  • work hard, do my best, and stay positive
  • finance – no more spending. ONLY NECESSARY THINGS.
  • finish writing and sending Christmas cards
  • prepare Christmas gifts and packages
  • plan travel for New Year

Mom sent me this beautiful sparkly purple themed Christmas tree photo. Quite different compared to last year’s arrangement. Reminds me of the wonderful Christmas tree scent and December 2014 walked by it everyday on my way to work and returned home.  Lots of memories.


Do you have any plans to celebrate the month of December? Do you have a nice Christmas tree at home? Or, like me, you have some goals and things you’d like to accomplish before closing 2015?

Again, Happy 1st day of December everyone! May it be a very merry and bright holiday season to you and to me. Winter is romantic, but please do not snow in the Queen city!!!




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