– thinking October, hello November –

Today is November 4th, and Starbucks has officially started the simply red cup festivity countdown. ***!!!Christmas!!!*** Is it just me, or October really flew by like that?! Part of me is very excited for November because it’s my Birthday month!!! Well, not just that (though wink wink I think it is very important and makes the month extra special), but I like seeing all the Christmas campaigns (yup let’s all forget about gobble gobble… because it’s never too early to think or dream about Christmas), decorations, early sale events, and the feeling that we are soon wrapping up the year to say hello to new one. One important thing about this November, which is happening in a few days, is that I am flying back to California to see family! I haven’t seen them since Summer, so it’s kind of a big deal to have a get together again, and I am looking forward to eating all the wonderful Asian things I miss in SoCal. Hopefully some shopping, and lots of eating. Oh, and it’s also going to be my first time flying direct back using AA, fingers crossed the trip will be nice and smooth. Domestic flights have been kind of a nightmare for me, so I really hope things will work out just right (basically perfect) flying direct. PLEASE.

Few weeks ago I came up with an “October List” of things I’d like to do to experience and enjoy Autumn properly. Do you remember the list? Did you also come up with a list? How did you do? 🙂 Anyways, as I have promised in my previous post, I think now is the time to look at that list again to see what I’ve completed in October – my very first orange October at east coast.

  • a taste of pumpkin spice latte from sbux (just so I can say I’ve done it)

I tried a little bit of Starbucks’ famous pumpkin spice latte. I am not a big fan of coffee in general, but I thought it tasted alright. The design of the cup is super cute and season appropriate. Too bad I couldn’t keep the cup, but again, there’s always next year to look forward to as Starbucks never fail to surprise us with their cool designs and products 😉

  • Oktoberfest – yup, I planned to do this but did not have time… and apparently Oktoberfest actually started the end of September instead of actual October? #nextyeartodolist
  • pumpkin spice, pumpkin-related food & beverage

Pumpkin spice Krispy Kreme checked. Pumpkin spice beer checked. Unfortunately, I guess I am not really a pumpkin person. They both tasted alright, but I wasn’t really a big fan of either. I think Krispy Kreme still taste the BEST hot and original glazed, while I just can’t really drink beer, so that shall be the end of that. Done.

  • weekend getaway leaf peeping adventures

I was very lucky to do some travelings in October. Visited Boone, Blowing Rock, the famous Blue Ridge Parkway, Grandfather Mountain, Asheville, and the glamorous Biltmore Estate all on the weekends in October. My bank account is crying, but totally worth it. The sceneries and the experiences were unbelievably wonderful. I would not trade any of that for anything. I also hiked some average / difficult trails for the first time this month. Very proud of myself! Autumn here is indeed very pretty, refreshing, and romantic.

  • pick pretty leaves as perfect souvenirs for family & friends

I didn’t find as many pretty leaves as I’d hoped during the weekend trips. But the leaves are still slowly changing colors here in the Queen city, so I am sure at some point I’ll collect more for everyone. Woohoo.

  • visit a pumpkin patch / pick or buy a pumpkin

Originally wanted to go to a ranch or pumpkin patch for the experience. Ended up kind of ran out of time and got one from a farmer’s market instead. It was my first time visiting a farmer’s market so that was a lot of fun. Lots of pretty onions I am tempted to purchase next time. Different sizes, shapes, and colors of pumpkins for everyone to pick and choose. There’s gotta be a perfect one for everyone. Different prices, too! I think A. and I settled for a $6 or $8 one… the perfect one in my opinion because it’s ours 🙂

  • carve a pumpkin

I have to admit… I had no idea carving a pumpkin sure needs some skills (and tools!) :O I thought it’s not difficult to carve a pumpkin, but I was very wrong about that! First you have to design, clean & wash the pumpkin, and then use the little tools to carve. After you are done with the carving, remember to buy a candle (pumpkin spice candle for the perfect occasion!), light it whenever you feel like you’re in the mood for some pumpkin romance, and voila! Mission complete 🙂

I went for the more tradition design this year since it’s my very first time. Classic style never goes wrong right? I am planning to design a Rilakkuma style one for next year. #waitforme. Now, allow me to introduce you to Jack… the one and only.

  • twice a week workout session at the gym

Done 🙂 I’ve been very healthy going to gym at least twice a week. Sometimes 4 times a week. Work out is good, and I plan to continue for a very long time. It is very convenience to have gym within the apartment complex. More motivation to stay healthy and fit!

  • learn new recipe

I learned to make cream corn chowder – my mama’s style in October. Very happy I successfully made it the first try. It’s yummy, filling, healthy, and oh just so perfect for cold weather! Planning to learn more mama cooking when I am back in California in a few days 😉

  • prepare surprise care package

Done! I still have some letters to write but am going to mail out the packages this weekend! Took me a little bit longer than I expected but I am excited to stop by USPS soon. Let’s hope international shipping will be as reasonable as when I prepared care and surprise packages using Taiwanese postal service. Man, that was cheap and super efficient. USPS, please don’t disappoint me!!

So, I actually was able to complete almost everything on my list except Oktoberfest. I don’t regret too much since I only wanted to participate for the experience and atmosphere. There’s always next year for that! In exchange though, I actually got to go to the famous Carolinas Renaissance Festival one of the Saturdays!

I’ve never been to anything quite like that before. It was a lot of fun seeing lots of people dressed up for the event, cool and hilarious performances and shows, medieval style food (that big turkey leg!), and the Shakespeare-inspired buildings. The day I went was a bit hotter than expected so I ended up having migraine, but all of that did not kill the fun because the experience itself was awesome. A. got me flower headband to look like pretty flower fairy, and even the magical fairy sparkly powder necklace! The design of the necklace is so cute that I am sure going to wear it all the time as a stylish accessory in remembrance of that weekend I got to travel back in time ❤

The Carolinas Renaissance Festival in on Saturdays and Sundays in Huntersville, NC from 10/3 to 11/22 this year. If you are around the area, or plan to come visit the Carolinas, be sure to make time for this fun event! You won’t regret it because the company does a good job, and it’s quite entertaining seeing lots of people dressed up very nicely like the medieval people. If you are looking for small discount, remember to purchase your tickets in advance at Harris Teeter.

That’s it for me sharing my October adventure. An eventful month for sure. Now, I think I might be ready to welcome November after a nice reflection. How about you? Are you ready for November? Gobble Gobble? Or… perhaps Christmas?

Happy November & Happy Wednesday

Stay tuned and check back often 🙂



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