October List

I realize it’s a bit late to start the October list as we are half way done, but hey, better late than never right?

Being more of a spring/winter person, I used to not care too much about October. I am not into pumpkin spice latte, never had much luck with leaf peeping, and yeah, to be honest, it’s quite difficult to sense the difference of October, or the ‘specialness’ of October when you live at places that basically only feels either hot or cold. Yup, instead of 4 seasons you get only 2 😛

Although I am still an east coast newbie, I can definitely sense why there are all the posts and pretty photos dedicating to October. East coast, where you actually need to start wearing light cardigans at the end of September, and where you can see leaves slowly changing colors on your drive to work.


Thanks to apartment issues and work stress, I didn’t kick off October the perfect way I had hope for. But thanks to encouragements from family and friends, things are definitely going much better. Still an on going lesson and reminder for myself, but I am doing better at telling myself to try my best, be helpful, stay positive, and remember the healthy balance between life and work. Finance and $$ definitely are things to put into consideration, but don’t forget to try to have fun and spoil yourself a bit from time to time – work hard, live well right? (at least that’s the advise my brother gave me over the phone the other day.)

Autumn seems to be a lot of people’s favorite season, and I am sure everyone has a different list of things they want to do, or attempt to complete during this warm orange color month. Here’s my October list, and let’s see how much I’ll get to complete having about 2 more weeks left *gasp*

  • a taste of pumpkin spice latte from sbux (just so I can say I’ve done it)
  • Oktoberfest
  • pumpkin spice, pumpkin-related food & beverage
  • weekend getaway leaf peeping adventures
  • pick pretty leaves as perfect souvenirs for family & friends
  • visit a pumpkin patch / pick or buy a pumpkin
  • carve a pumpkin
  • twice a week workout session at the gym
  • learn new recipe
  • prepare surprise care package

What is your October must do’s / October list?

I am planning to write a follow up at the end of October to see how many items get checked off from my list, and also to share my very first east coast autumn experience in the Queen city!

thinking about yummy creamy pumpkin soup,

k. xxx

*image found on Google image


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