simplicity at it’s best: Nothing bundt Cakes


Thanks to Hurricane Jaoquin, it was yet another slow and rainy weekend here in the Queen city. I ain’t complaining because Hurricane Joaquin sure received my message to him on Facebook. Despite the heavy rain, blowing wind, and a bit crazy drop of temperatures to the low 50s, no major damage or flood happened. It is safe to say at this point I have peacefully survived my first ever hurricane experience in the east coast.

A. and I watched Matt Damon’s The Martian, a pretty interesting movie (some good laughs for sure) that’s kind of like a modern version of Mission to Mars that was made in 2000. I don’t want to be the movie spoiler so I won’t say much about the content, but Matt Damon sure did a good job playing his role.

Thanks to A.’s suggestion, we decided to stop by the fancy Barnes & Noble at Birkdale Village in Huntersville after the movie to kill time before sunset. I’ve been there before, but it’s my first time catching the cute little cake shop Nothing bundt Cakes on the opposite side of where we parked the car. I am used to driving, but one thing I love when I don’t drive is the pleasure to look at different things on the streets. Often times, I get to discover cool findings… such as this awesome little cake shop!

Cold and rainy – perfect reason to have sweets, ideally chocolatey kind of sweets because I am a chocolate monster. I approached the store happily with A. Seeing lots of customers inside, I knew this must be a popular place, and I imagined it’s full of cookies, muffins, cakes – just all types of sweets collection. The moment I opened the door, I knew this is THE PLACE because it is so cute with lots of wedding cake supplies, birthday decoration surprises, etc. All girly and wonderful. I quickly browsed through the sweets collection and realized unlike my imagination, there’s only one style of cake called ‘single bundtlet’ that’s available for purchase. I was so close to not getting the cake because the design and the look of the bundlets were rather simple, but I still decided to try one since I was already there and wanted something chocolatety. So, yes, I went for the chocolate chocolate chip bundlet ($3.99 w/tax).

I didn’t get to try it until later in the evening after dinner. I was definitely surprised by how good it tasted! The chocolate cake was moist, soft, rich, but not crazy sweet. There were little chocolate chips hidden here and there like hidden gems when eating. The best part was, what looked like frostings weren’t exactly just frostings – they tasted a bit more like secret frosting with cream cheese. So yum!


This little finding over the weekend made me realize sometimes we can’t judge a dessert by its look. Fancy looks doen’t always mean yummy, and plain designs do not necessary mean tasteless. Sometimes it’s the simple thing made with the finest ingredients that surprise us the most. Nothing bundt Cakes sure fits in the category. I would definitely go back to treat myself some more chocolate chocolate chip bundlets, and even consider to order the more fancy designed cakes in the near future for parties and special occasions.

To my surprise, Nothing bundt Cakes can actually be found throughout the US. (I thought it’s a family cake shop!) If you are interested to get a taste of this delicious bundlet, check out their website for store locations You won’t be disappointed 🙂

Monday is always hard… I am already planning my next bundlet visit of chocolate goodies 😛

chocolatey hugs with rich yummy frosting,


*all pictures were found on Google image


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