such thing as long distance friendship?


According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of long distance friendship is “one will stay at least 5 miles away from the other person, including phone calls, texts, Skype, and what not.” Very vague definition, I know. But it gives you a basic sense of what long distance friendship is all about. In the world we live in today, we’ve all heard about long distance relationship (LDR), we’ve all have friends who have been, or are currently in a LDR, but long distance friendship? Not so interesting compared to LDR huh? Is it even worth the trouble? Uhhh… the efforts.

Obviously, there’s no right or wrong answer to the question of whether it’s worth it to have long distance friendship, but having lived across the continents for the past few years, my answer is “Yes, it is totally worth it!

Thanks to the technology we have nowadays (including the free texting apps, vid chat apps, Facebook, etc. etc. etc.) It is more than ever easier for people to stay in touch with each other. Literally, everyone is only a phone call, a text, or a computer screen away.

Long distance friendship – so easy, yet so hard. I tell you, because efforts still needed. Don’t expect technology would do all the magic. And unfortunately, long distance friendship, long distance relationship won’t work very well if one is putting much effort to maintain, while the other doesn’t really care… Sooner or later it’ll die.

Having lots of friends all over the world, I honestly can’t think of anything negative about long distance friendships (other than not being able to see them all the time, but hey, there’s a saying that a little distance makes everything better!). Below is a list of why I think it’s fun and worth the effort to have long distance friendship:

  • penpal fun – try writing each other letters once a month. old classic style is the way to go. the anticipation and surprise feeling seeing the letter sitting in the mailbox is totally worth it.
  • cultural exchange – just imagine all the fun things your friends could share with you in different states, other side of the world… it’s almost like traveling through their experience.
  • support – sometimes all you need is to let out, to know the kind of support you have somewhere. distance is perfect for some circumstances because you can avoid the emotional words and expressions trying to talk about something. not to mention… time differences works PERFECT when you just need someone in the middle of the night or something. (yay international friendship)
  • travel – there’ll always be that dream goal to visit each other in the near future. what’s more fun than traveling somewhere with a personal tour guide for all the insider trips and must sees?
  • surprises – we all need little magics and surprises to make each day better. surprise care packages? surprise birthday packages? surprise holiday packages? I mean honestly, any kind of surprise packages from your long distance friend truly makes your day 100 times better than it started.

… and these are just some of the things I can list on top of my head right now. I am sure there are many other great things about long distance friendships. What is yours? Any fun things to share about your long distance friendship experiences?



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